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Cash Claim Standings for JULY 2011 through AUGUST

*Please note as stated on every prize page, you must be upgraded to Pro Plus ($5.95 monthly) and current to claim these pages. IF your not upgraded, a points reward will be awarded to your free account instead of cash.

* If the word NOT appears after you name, PLEASE UPGRADE, you did NOT qualify!

Thank you for supporting the best autosurf on the planet! Payments are set to go out the first week in September!

Each x next to each amount equals a claim for that amount for the login name listed.

etcoles FREE PLATINUM .50 xxxx .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PAID 9-23-11

tchristian GOLD .50 x
.25x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  46 xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 46
.10 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 48 
PAID 9-21-11

atthetop716  COBALT .50 .25 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
$5.00 PAID 9-6-11

candy77 ONE TIMER .50xxxxxxxx 4.50
 .25 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 4.00
.10xxxxxxx      .80
PAID 9-23-11

daveman101 PRO PLUS .10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2.60     
.25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9.50
.50xxxxxxxxxx 5.50
$18.60 PAID 9-6-11

aris3star NOT .10xxxxxxxxxxxxxx .25xxxxxxx .50

acelivefood NOT .25xxxxxxx  .10

apoliticalaffair NOT .10 .25xxxxxxxxxx CHEATING

autosurfpro4u  NOT .10

bpkann101 NOT * but NOW IS (upgraded on 7-24 owed 6 months pass due.
These COUNT .50 x 1.00
.25 xxxxxxx       3.00
 .10 x               .20
$3.20 carry over for aug

THESE DONT COUNT before 7-24-11 when paid for upgrade, but not past due amounts:  .10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.50xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1.00xx

    NOT .25xxxxxx  x   .10xxxx

ccxgt NOT .50xx .25xxx .10xxxxxx

cdfrank     NOT  .25 xx .10x

clayton NOT .25xxxxx       .10

chelectronics .10

chiarapi      .25

cr007   NOT    .25

cosanostra    .25     .10

cq4600      .25xxx      .10x

dipsy27 NOT .25x .50  

dtak1  NOT     .10

dloriifah NOT .50xxxxxxxx .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

eagle_68 OWES SERVERS 1.00 x   .25xx x .10

elastuto      NOT .25xx

elexexpert NOT .10

elgoro     .25

farooqijaz .25 .10

fdillon   GOLD  1.00xx .50xx .25 xxxxxxx x .10x

funnytodd NOT .50xxx .25xxxxxxxx .10xxxxxx 

gdpa59       .25

gohack007      .25xx

harrynick .25xx

hcmgiftwarehouse   .25x

hjsplit      .25     .10

janishkedhoo .25 xx .10 x

jamsentmm      NOT        .25

jayaa    .50

jebeck         .25xx

jerheksr NOT .25

jervyn .25x

joaqu1n NOT .25

johnsoncorepair   NOT    .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     .10xxxxxxx

jongx3 NOT .50x .25

jstegall NOT 1.00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .10xxxxxxxxxxxx

jubinrr NOT 1.00x .50xxxxx .25 xxxx .10x

juve_licious NOT .50

kadii98     .25

kennsigrid1   NOT   .25x

kgates   .25

kma963  NOT .25xxxx

lizardgod     .25        .10

ldwilliams NOT .50 .25

madsot NOT 1.00

markymark .10x   .25x

maxmaster   .10x

mcdosec .50

meb1234 NOT .10xx .25

moneymagnet  .10 x      .25 xxx

mktsolutions       .25

msangie63     .10

norisk4u  NOT   .25xx

ofocautosurf .25 xx    

     NOT  .25

oogeno  .10

one2bid NOT .10 xxx .25

psyjord NOT .25

purpletiger  .25

rafitocwb 1.00

rapplatt    NOT   .25

rakesh63 NOT .25xx .10xx

renova     .25

rubenkoster   NOT    .25x

rjkenn   PLATINUM  .50 .25xxx .10xxxxx

robertu05 NOT .50 .25xx

rnquickcash77   .25x

pkz88         NOT      .25x

ruffcut NOT .10

sampath   NOT  .25xxxx xxxx     .10xx

satyasdcool NOT .10 .25xxx .50

scal24 NOT .10 .50

shygirl    .25xx

skiptowne2 PRO PLUS .25xxxxxxx     .10xxxxxxx

small    .25

stanbrad4755   NOT      .25xx

superstuff NOT .10 x     .25xxxxxxxxxxxxx .50x

sunnykhatri       .25x

smoore122      .10

syarifsibali        NOT .10x     .25x

tijerasgirl NOT .50x 1.00x

uzzi90        .25xxx

wingheart  .25x

wadehouston NOT .25

webted    NOT   .25

webprofitz NOT .25xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

yuthistran    .25

zrx77 .25xxxxxxx .10

znapetz NOT .25 xx .10x

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