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 September 7, 2014

 Totals On September Cash Claims

*Please note as stated on every prize page, you must be upgraded member and current to claim these pages at 100%. IF your not upgraded, a reward of 50% will be placed. 

*NOTE* $5.00 minimum on payouts each month. Anything amount below will transfer to the new month.

* If the word NOT appears after your name, PLEASE UPGRADE, you are a free member!

Thank you for supporting the best autosurf on the planet! Payments are set to go out the first week of every month!
Each x next to each amount equals a claim for that amount for the login name listed.


jstegall *YES*

   5 cents xxxxx

10 cents xxxxx

 15 cents xx

25 cents x

 50 cents xxx

Mo Islam *NO* (50%)

10 cents x

Areuadreamer *NO* (50%)

5 cents x

Joyce Bennett *NO* (50%)

5 cents xx

10 cents x

15 cents x

Eagle_68 *YES*

5 cents xx

10 cents xxx

50 cents xx

BPPark *NO* (50%)

10 cents x

15 cents x

50 cents xx